My Friends   the Saints®

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My Friends the Saints®  book series helps children find strength in Jesus during illnesses.  Our publications for beginning readers present the saints of medical patronages in colorful, engaging formats.

Why the saints?

  • Children need companions who understand their feelings, especially when they are sick. 
  • The saints offer compassionate, courageous role models who encountered medical problems just like children face today.
  • During their illnesses, the saints drew closer to Jesus and Mary
Meet Blessed Jacinta!   Now available on and


Enrich your child's understanding of the saints with Blessed Jacinta: Patron for Children With Tummy Troubles.  One of the visionaries of Fatima, Portugal, Jacinta Marto first saw the Blessed Mother when she was seven-years-old. Jacinta drew closer to Jesus by praying with his mother, Mary. She endured severe stomach ailments yet never wavered in her faith.  Blessed Pope John Paul II beatified Jacinta in 2000.  Now in heaven, she prays for us!

Blessed Jacinta: Patron for Children With Tummy Troubles 
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